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Send invoices and quotes. Make projects and tasks. Register trips, timesheets and much more. All from one spot.

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What is

It is important as an entrepreneur that you have the ability to do your job without having to worry. RocketOffice can help you do your work without having to worry about all the programs and applications that exist today. For that reason, we have assembled a complete package for you to take complete advantage of this. RocketOffice is also completely free the first year!

Why use

We do everything we can to make it as quick and smooth as possible to run your own online office. We are constantly working to keep RocketOffice as simple and clear as possible, because let's be honest, you work best in a tidy and organized office.


RocketOffice is already equipped with extra help. If you are stuck or have any questions while using RocketOffice, check our FAQ section, send us an email or contact our customer service via livechat, all for free.

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Start discovering all of our features:
Because RocketOffice is much more then just invoicing.

Projects & tasks

Create projects, schedule tasks with deadlines and assign tasks to your teammates. View the project progress or export / print a complete project summary.


Schedule events, share them with your colleagues, and get notifications before important ones.


Make personal notes, add notes to your clients or projects or leave a note for your colleague. Have an important memo or need to be reminded of a time/event; Simply apply a push notication which will notify you!


Your own dedicated storage for work documents, made easy and in the cloud. Upload files, create your own folders, and share them with colleagues or clients.

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SSL secure connection

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Exchange data

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Help & support

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Extended reports

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Create invoices and quotes

Create an unlimited number of quotes and invoices in no time! Create standard products and templates faster than ever before! Documents that can be printed, downloaded or sent online at the click of a button!

Stationery in corporate identity

Create an unlimited number of quotes and invoices in no time! Create standard products and templates faster than ever before! Documents that can be printed, downloaded or sent online at the click of a button!

VAT declaration

RocketOffice fills the VAT declaration statement in advance for you. So you only have to take over the tables and your VAT return as chirp.

Get quotes approved online

Let your customers easily approve a quote online. Receive an instant message so you can get started with the order.

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Scan purchase invoices

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Automated backups

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Import data

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Export data

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Log hours and view your timesheets in seconds! Manage your time and employees with the click of a button! Easily send timesheets and click to invoice the bill through to your accountant with ease!


Track and log mileage! Use our tool to calculate the distance between two zipcodes. Log your transportation, send the invoice to your accountant, all with a few clicks!.

Unlimited users

No matter how small or large your business is, RocketOffice scales with you! Create an unlimited number of users and give them customized accessibility. Managing your business has never been easier!

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"Now you can run your office even from out of space!" - Digi World™



Very happy to work with. I can do my phone repairs with ease now. Thanks for this opportunity!



Rocketoffice became our daily routine. Me and my team love to work with your application.



For years I haven`t had such an easy job on my invoicing and administration as since I started working with Rocket Office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RocketOffice suitable for my business?

RocketOffice is primarily suited for sole proprietors, freelancers and small businesses. Whether you own a small business or simply want to better organize your life, RocketOffice will suit all your needs and more!

I'm on the go. Is RocketOffice mobile-friendly?

Yes, RocketOffice is designed for all types of devices including PC, laptop, tablet and mobile.

I already use other programs, how can I change to RocketOffice?

You can easily import your contacts and other data via our simple-to-use import module. With this module, you can easily input large amounts of data into your account.

How does RocketOffice work for my bookkeeper/accountant?

You can choose what data you wish to share with your bookkeeper or accountant in just a few clicks! Bundling your recipts and printing your invoices is a thing of the past!

I`m a buisness owner. Why should I use RocketOffice?

RocketOffice is the future of the digital office. Take your office everywhere with you, making your business as versitile as RocketOffice itself. Taking advantage of our many features will save you time, money and stress!

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